Supercharge your CRM with R:AMP's powerful, automated, multi-channel marketing features.

Let R:AMP take your direct marketing to the next level.

The Customer Life Cycle is our strategic framework for designing direct marketing campaigns. All of your customers (and even those that are not yet your customers), can be plotted somewhere on this line. It makes no sense to engage with your most loyal customers the same way as someone who hasn’t been your customer for a while. R:AMP can individually and automatically engage with your customers through all phases of the Customer Life Cycle.

Here are some examples of how the first three groups in the cycle (New Acquisition, Onboarding, Loyalty Programs) might be targeted through R:AMP's automation capabilities.

New Acquisition

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Loyalty Programs

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R:AMP includes an Offer System that allows you to define one or more offers across contact segments and deliver these offers in personalized emails or direct mail. R:AMP’s redemption reports illustrate ROI by campaign segment. Conversion rates topping 20% have been achieved, thanks to R:AMP’s highly accurate and targeted segments. Piece counts drop and drive marketing costs lower.

Ultimately, R:AMP works to ensure that your customers are immersed in your brand both before and after their purchases. We help find new consumers, support customer engagement between purchases, and actively invite those back who may have slipped through the cracks. All the while, R:AMP strives to reduce recurring costs through automation and improve results by careful targeting.